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  j9客户端国际下载_j9客户端下载平台_j9在线九游会网址有限公司 ,是一个集生产和销售离心j9客户端国际下载、管件 ,柔性接口铸铁排水 管、管件的专业化大型企业。 本公司始建于1992年 ,“”是公司的标识 ,形体似水 ,涵指公司全身心地为人类饮用水事业竭尽全力。

  公司所有产品均依照国际质量管理体系生产 ,产品质量达到了国内外先进水平。多年来公司以打造知名品牌为目标 ,凭借合理的价格、良好的信誉、完善的质量保证体系和产品售后跟踪服务体系 ,赢得了广大用户一致好评。

  j9客户端国际下载管业将始终坚持创新、务实、诚信、发展的企业宗旨 ,竭诚欢迎广大用户前来洽谈合作 ,与您携手共进、开创美好未来。



  Company introduction:

  Nanjing JuKang Pipe Limited Company is a large enterprise, that professionally manufactures centrifugal ductile iron pipe flexible draining water cast iron pipe and fitting. Our company was set up in 1992 is the symbol of our company .Its figure is like the Chinese character waterand it means we will do our best to contribute to drinking water of human being。

  All our manufactures are produced according to international quality standards and come up to advanced world standards .For years we have been aiming at creating a famous brand and are well received by customers depending on reasonable prices, good prestige, perfect quality guarantee system and after—sale service.

  In the future, we will continue our aim of being creative, pragmatic, faithful and developmental. We wholeheartedly hope more and more friends will cooperate with us and create a bright future.






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